Plugging Into Prayer

The power of prayer can move the mountains out of your life, heal the sickness in your body and draw you nearer to God.

There is something miraculous that occurs when you open your mouth and declare victory over your life and your circumstances.  It is faith in God which allows one to move forward with expectation that what they let go and let God have, the thing is done.

So many of us pray and continue to go back and retrieve what we originally surrendered to God, to try and work out or handle ourselves.  I have always shared this reasoning with countless people.

If you purchase a present for someone do you call them every day and ask are they wearing it, or how is what you gave them doing?  Every time you see them do you inquire about the gift?  I hope everyone’s response is NO.  If so, then you have let go of the gift.  That is the type of mindset we have to have when we let go and let God!

Once we have made our petition known to God, we are to move forward in PRAISE and claim the VICTORY over whatever we have surrendered to him!  We have to know that our thoughts are not his thoughts, our ways are not his ways.

If you pray about something and what you expected to occur did not happen (i.e., you pray for a job and you don’t get it). Praise him anyway, because that was not the thing for you.  Don’t hold your head low and say “God did not answer my prayer, or he did not hear me.”  He heard you, trust and know he created you; it is for you to trust him that his direction and path for your life is righteous and perfectly made.

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